Kids Anti-Rollover Universal Wheel Silent Baby Twister Scooter Swing Anti-rollover Walker Unisex Gift , Twist Car Swing

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Health materials: The original pp environmentally friendly materials are safe and environmentally friendly, and babies can ride safely.

Thick PU wheel: sturdy and durable, silent shock absorption, magnetic flash, smooth sliding, is a great and interesting addition to the home or garden.

How to use: The swing car works by rotating the steering wheel left and right, so that the car can drive forward. To stop swinging the car, just stop spinning the steering wheel. When the car is slowing down, place your foot on the ground to stop it completely.

Powerful load-bearing capacity: unique self-propelled children's toys and adult toys - sturdy and durable, with a maximum load of 115 kg!

Unique steering wheel: The steering wheel with music and lighting is a wonderful and interesting addition in the home or garden