Electronic Basketball game kids toys

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  • Are you a basketball Fan? Why not try this? It is a mini basketball shooting game which can exercise wrist and palm.

Note: Please pull out the white strip on the back to make the electricity connected, or it won't make cheer sound when you score.

         If you want to play it quietly, just put the strip to disconnect the power.

  • Just release your hand from endless typing or writing.
  • Would you like audience and applause when you play? Why not try this? It will have cheering acclamation and the light will shining when you score the goal.
  • How to play:
  • Held the basketball player by a hand
  • Make the basketball roll by swinging
  • Through the mastery of force, put the basketball into the box
  • Just enjoy your time, have fun for this mini basketball game.
  • No matter you are child or adult.