Eco-friendly Reusable laundry Sachet (2pieces )

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Reusabe for 365 washes / 1 year(Eco-friendly,Save time and money!)

100% Hypoallergenic, Perfect for babies and people with sensitive skin.

Best in Odor Removal [Fragrance Free] (About 10 times stronger than regular detergent)

Human friendly 100% free of toxic and synthetic chemicals 

Cost-effective  Reduces your utility bill by not requiring rinse cycles. Save water and electricity.

Machine friendly (Protects people's health by keeping the washing machine hygienic and free from germs, molds, soap residue, and bacteria)

Earth friendly  (Leaves zero trace of chemicals and save tons of water and power)

Fabric friendly (Keepsfibers andcolor / Great for organic cotton) and Antibacterial


Usage Effect

·The laundry pouch has a bacteriostatic function to prevent odor after washing.

·Continuously use of the laundry pouch for 2-3 weeks can effectively reduce mold and dirt in the washer.

·The full-scale laundry effect can last for about 365 uses (1 year).

·After About 365 consecutive uses, the Mg prills inside the pouch can be used as plant fertilizer.

How to use ( No detergent needed! )

1. Place MgClean into washing machine together with dirty laundry.No detergent needed!

Reusable and capable of 365 washes/1 year

Works for both soft and hard water/cold and hot water

2 sachets work for laundry load up to 5kg(11 lbs), 4 sachets work for laundry load up to 9kg (20 lbs).

Requires no rinse cycle because it creates no bubbles

Works for any types of washing machine (Top-loading,front-loading,HE and others)

3. Remove MgClean from washing machine before drying cycle if using washer/dryer combo.

3. After finishing the washing cycle,hang up MgClean to air dry.