eco-friendly bamboo fibre rice, fruit , bowl

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Environmental eco-friendly bamboo fibre rice husk fruit salad bowl 

Why we choose rice husk as the raw material 

Each year, human beings do harm to the environment, plastic, mental heavy, chemicals. That's why we choose rice husk as material, an environmentally responsible reusable made with naturally organic rice husk. It's BPA free and, it's light, sturdy and best of all, biodegradable when you're finished with it-within approx. 36 months 

when buried. It is from land and to the land.  We believed that there was a better use for these rice husks and through research, development and innovation. We are proud and congratulated the rice husk tableware was born. The dinnerware series is our first collection of products featuring the rice husks material. Look out for more eco friendly Rice Husk products in the near future.


These plastic free bpa free salad bowls are made from 100% organic rice husk fibre held together with a naturally occurring binding agent made from plants. It is moulded at a very high temperature creating a durable, shiny and smooth-finished surface. If looked after, it will last for years and when at the end of it’s life, will fully biodegrade and turn into natural compost within approximately 90 days with no poisonous toxins released into the earth during the process.

– Biodegradable – Microwavable and Dishwasher safe – Durable – Made from rice husk fibre – Tree Free – Can withstand temperature from -30 to 120 degrees – BPA free