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Backflow Incense Smoke Buddhism Pagoda Tower Indoor Hollow Cones Health Aroma Air Purifying Freshener

Material: Made from Cedar powder and natural plant fragrant powder.
Use: For home, patio, Backflow Incense Burner, Deodorization, rituals, office, Yoga, birthday parties, special occasion, romantic moments.
Burn Time: About 10 minutes each Incense cone.
Suitable for all backflow incense burners, Smoke will backflow.
Aromatherapy can remove the pollutant in the air (bad smells and germs), purify the air, and improve air quality.
A great resort to relieve insomnia, anxiety, stress, irritability, depression, etc.
Natural, non-toxic, harmless, fragrant, and healthy, creating a salubrious environment for both our body and mind.
Designed in cone shape to fit for placing and burning.