1.2M 5-Digit Code Bike Lock Coiling Resettable Combination Cable Bike Locks Anti Theft Cycling Password Lock - Black

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  • Smart 5-digit re settable combo bike lock offers 100,000 combinations for adding security compared to 4-digit combination lock.Easy to set your own personalized number combination.
  •  The bike cable is made of high strength braided steel wire for strong cut resistance. The cable’s braided steel construction with water-resistant vinyl coating(PVC) is ruggedly built to resist cutting and scratching.
  • The lock chain won't crack or distort under low or high temperature.Fine workmanship of the Keyhole, strong pressure without being distorted.
  • Cable is long enough for different users; Self coiling design make it easy to carry; Equipped with complimentary mounting bracket, the lock can be easily added to other objects.
  • Compared to ordinary mounting bracket, there are inner rubber pads for your choice to adjust your bicycle pole diameter.With key-less convenience lock, you don’t worry about lost the key or forget to carry it.
  • Best deal for bicycle lock, combination lock, cable lock, skateboards, gates & fences, grills & lawnmowers, sports equipment, tool boxes and many more.